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Gifadi Fertilizers

Gifadi Fertilizers SA has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of agricultural products since 1980, standing out for its commitment to innovation and satisfaction of the dynamic needs of the agricultural sector. With a wide range of products including solid and liquid fertilizers, horticultural seeds and zero waste organic products, Gifadi promotes sustainable and productive agriculture. Its strategically located facilities in El Algar and Fuente Álamo, covering more than 15,000 m2 of storage space and a robust vehicle fleet, ensure efficient distribution in Spain, Morocco, Portugal, and other international markets. The company relies on a highly qualified technical team, dedicated to offering expert advice on crop management and seed selection, thus guaranteeing maximum performance for its clients' farms.
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Comprehensive Solutions for the Health of Your Crop

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Comprehensive solutions for the health and protection of your crop

We recommend an integrated approach that includes the use of eco-friendly pesticides and preventive growing techniques to keep pests at bay without harming the environment.

Are there ecological solutions for plant diseases?

Our ecological range offers products that respect the natural balance of the soil and the plant, providing effective protection against common diseases.

What products does Gifadi recommend to improve the nutrition of my crops?

Through our line of nutritionals and correctors, we offer specific solutions for each crop need, ensuring balanced and effective nutrition to maximize performance.

How can I select the right plastic and thermal blanket for my crop?

To choose the right material, we evaluate the climatic conditions of your area, the type of crop, and your production objectives. Our experts will guide you in selecting plastics and thermal blankets that best suit your needs, optimizing the protection and growth of your crops.

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Gifadi – Fuente Álamo
Balsapintada Highway to Fuente Álamo Km 11
Tel: 968 598 494 | Mobile: 629 58 86 13

Gifadi – El Algar
El Algar Highway to Los Alcazares km 15.5
Tel: 968 135 332 | Mobile: 676 39 98 09

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