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How can I choose the right fertilizer for my crop?

The choice depends on the type of crop, soil analysis, and specific nutritional needs. Gifadi offers personalized advice to analyze these variables and recommend the most appropriate product.

What plant protection products are safe for organic crops?

For organic crops, we recommend certified and ecological products that combat pests and diseases without compromising sustainability. Our catalog includes safe and effective options, adapted to organic regulations.

How can I improve water retention in my soil?

Using thermal blankets and plastics can help improve water retention. Additionally, we offer advice on growing practices and products that increase the soil's ability to hold moisture.

Do you offer weed control solutions?

Yes, we have a range of selective and broad-spectrum herbicides to effectively control weeds, always prioritizing the safety and health of the crop.

How can I protect my crops from frost?

We recommend the use of thermal blankets and special plastics that offer protection against low temperatures. Our experts can advise you on the best option for your specific situation.

How are chemical fertilizers different from organic fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers provide nutrients quickly, while organic fertilizers release nutrients slowly, improving soil structure. The choice depends on the immediate needs of the crop and long-term sustainability goals.

Can your products help increase my crop yield?

Absolutely. Our product line is designed to optimize soil and crop health, resulting in increased yield and production quality.

How can I request personalized advice?

Simply contact us through our online form, email or phone. A Gifadi expert will contact you to offer you personalized and detailed advice.


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