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Thermal blanket

Discover our innovative thermal blanket solutions, specifically designed to protect and optimize the growth of your crops. These products are crucial for farmers looking to control ambient temperatures and protect their plants from adverse weather conditions. With cutting-edge technology, our thermal blankets offer durability and resistance, as well as exceptional adaptability. Ensure that your crops thrive in any season, improving water efficiency and maintaining optimal environmental conditions, all thanks to the advanced technology of our thermal blankets.

Thermal Blanket: Advanced technology for your crops

Superior protection and optimized performance

Each product in our range has been selected for its superior quality and ability to meet specific field challenges. From preventing water evaporation to weed control and frost protection, our solutions are designed to give you the best results.


Maximize water efficiency and protect against extreme weather with our specialized solutions.

Perfect solution

Find the ideal coverage for each need of your crop, guaranteeing its healthy and productive growth.

Our Benefits

Advantages of choosing our thermal blankets
Proven resistance and durability.
Solutions adapted to various climatic conditions.
Constant innovation for crop care.
Expert advice for the appropriate selection.

What benefits do thermal blankets offer for crop protection?

Thermal blankets are essential to protect crops against frost and other adverse weather conditions. By covering crops, these blankets help maintain soil temperature, reducing the risk of cold damage and extending the plants' growing season.

How should thermal blankets be used to maximize their effectiveness?

For effective use, thermal blankets must be deployed before temperatures drop to critical levels. It is important to secure them well to the ground to prevent them from being blown away by the wind and to ensure that they retain heat in the desired area.

Can thermal blankets affect crop growth?

When used correctly, thermal blankets not only protect against the cold, but can also create a microclimate that supports growth by maintaining proper temperature and humidity, which can accelerate germination and initial growth.

What type of crops benefit most from the use of thermal blankets?

Thermal blankets are particularly beneficial for cold-sensitive crops such as melon, lettuce, endive, celery, etc. 

How to select the right thermal blanket for my type of crop?

When selecting a thermal blanket, consider factors such as durability, air and water permeability, and ability to transmit sunlight. Higher quality blankets offer greater protection and durability, better adapting to the specific conditions of your region and type of crop.
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