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Gifadi is a pioneer company in the agricultural sector, committed to sustainable development and innovation in the manufacturing and distribution of products such as ecological biostimulants, fertilizers, and agricultural solutions. Our focus is on offering personalized advice and high-quality products that respond to the specific needs of our customers, promoting efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. With decades of experience, Gifadi positions itself as your reliable ally in the search for a more productive and sustainable agriculture.
Commitment to sustainability
Continuous innovation
Expert advice

We protect your crops with the best agricultural solutions

At Gifadi, our mission is to strengthen the productivity and sustainability of agriculture through innovative solutions and quality services. We are dedicated to offering ecological products, fertilizers and expert advice that support the healthy growth of crops, maximizing their yield in an environmentally responsible manner.

We are global leaders in agricultural solutions, expanding our influence beyond our current borders to drive a green revolution in agriculture. Our vision focuses on building a future where every farmer has access to products and services that not only improve their efficiency and productivity, but also promote sustainable and planet-friendly agricultural practices.

Gifadi is more than a company; is a strategic partner for farmers and producers seeking excellence and sustainability in their agricultural practices. With an established track record, we are proud of our heritage and continued commitment to quality, innovation and customer service, making a difference in the field and beyond.

Constant innovation in products
Recognized leadership in the market
Commitment to customer service
Ensure quality and safety
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Álamo Source: +34 968 598 494
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Gifadi – Fuente Álamo
Balsapintada Highway to Fuente Álamo Km 11
Tel: 968 598 494 | Mobile: 629 58 86 13

Gifadi – El Algar
El Algar Highway to Los Alcazares km 15.5
Tel: 968 135 332 | Mobile: 676 39 98 09

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