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Discover our range of correctors, including Master LIQ and Zorelor solutions, designed to address and correct specific nutritional deficiencies in your crops. These products are precisely formulated to restore the mineral balance of plants, ensuring their optimal development and improving their resistance to adverse conditions.

High efficiency correctors for healthy crops

Specific solutions for nutritional needs

Our correctors offer a quick and effective intervention to combat deficiencies that can affect your crops, from a lack of iron to an imbalance of essential micronutrients. With the support of leading brands in the sector, we guarantee products of the highest quality and effectiveness.


Ensure the vigor and health of your crops with specialized correctors.

Perfect solution

Revitalize your plants with our premium selection of correctors.

Our Benefits

Commitment to agricultural excellence
Advanced formulations for effective correction.
Technical support for precise application.
Products adapted to various types of crops.
Visible improvement in plant health and production.

How to identify which corrector my crop needs?

Accurate identification is achieved through soil and tissue analysis, allowing us to recommend the most suitable corrector for your specific situation.

When should I apply correctors to my crops?

The application must coincide with the critical phases of crop development, adapting to the signs of deficiency observed.

Are concealers safe for crops and the environment?

Yes, our products are safe when used according to specific directions, with a firm commitment to sustainability.

Can I combine different concealers to treat multiple deficiencies?

The combination of products must be evaluated by our experts to guarantee compatibility and effectiveness.

How can I get advice on the right correctors for my crop?

Contact us for a detailed and personalized consultation, where our team of specialists can guide you in the selection and application of concealers.
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